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Jean Donaldson in Big Sky!
Pet Project Van Winner Announced
Link Piazzo Donates $1 Million to Pet Project
Early Weaning of Kittens Leads to Increased Mortality
Foster Homes Needed

Jean Donaldson in Big Sky

Jean Donaldson, author of CULTURE CLASH the book that changed the way we train today, DOGS are from NEPTUNE, FIGHT!, & MINE - eliminating resource guarding behaviors. Jean is the Founder and director of the San Francisco SPCADog Trainers Academy, the Harvard of training schools. A national/international speaker on dog behavior. | TOP More

Pet Project Van Winner Announced

Congratulations to Mr. Richard Probasco, the lucky winner or our Grand Opening drawing for the Pet Project Van. He flew in to Reno the following weekend to drive his prize home. Mr. Probasco and his wife reside in Carmel Valley, CA , and are real animal lovers. | TOP

Local Businessman and Philanthropist
Link Piazzo Donates $1 Million to the
Nevada Humane Society’s Pet Project

Link Piazzo photo
Link Piazzo speaks at the Regional Animal Center groundbreaking ceremony.
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Reno native Link Piazzo has donated $1 million to the Nevada Humane Society to be used for construction costs for the new regional animal shelter. This longtime Reno businessman, philanthropist and war hero made the gift in honor of his dog, “Punkin,” an NHS alumni. “She is very simply the greatest dog on earth, the smartest dog on earth,” said Piazzo, “and now she’s one of the most expensive dogs on earth!”

The Nevada Humane Society greatly appreciates Link’s commitment to the Pet Project and the regional animal shelter. His gift will help ensure that thousands of homeless animals will be provided with the care and love that they need and deserve.

The Nevada Humane Society side of the Washoe County Regional Animal Services Center will bear Link’s good name. | TOPMore

Early Weaning of Kittens Leads to Increased Mortality

Weaning kittens before 8 weeks of age will reduce their resistance to common feline viruses and add unnecessary stress to their digestive systems. Far to often, kittens are brought into the shelter when they become a nuisance to the owner, not when they are ready for adoption. Kittens at 4 weeks of age become quite active and begin eating solid food, but this does not mean they are ready to leave mother's side. They are still receiving important antibodies through the mother's milk, and their digestive systems are still very immature. Most kittens turned into a shelter at this age will become ill or will fail to thrive. Many will die despite our best efforts. With kitten season now in gear, the NHS pleads with owners of unplanned litters to keep them at home with mommy until 8 weeks of age. Kittens who receive their first kitten vaccination before entering the shelter will have an additional advantage in staying healthy.  | TOP

Foster Homes Needed

You can provide a second chance in life for a special needs shelter animal by joining our Foster Care Program. We receive the orphaned babies, the sick and injured, the emotionally infirmed on a regular basis. While we do provide what these animals need in the shelter, this environment places additional stresses on their already-fragile immune systems. They heal faster and grow up stronger in a home setting.

We provide the training, supplies, medical care and support you’ll need to take these animals into your home for specialized care. Nothing is more rewarding than raising a litter until all the “kids” are adoptable. Or helping to nurse an animal back to health and sending it into a new home. If you are interested in becoming one of our many Foster Parents, please contact Diane Blankenburg at (775) 856-2000 ext. 331| TOP

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